Worship Resources

For the 11:00am Family Service: 

  • While we may enjoy a variety of local preachers and ministers, we try to provide some familiarity through our excellent Worship Leaders who work on a rota and are very willing to work with preachers in collating the service. This may include selecting songs, preparing prayers or discussing the order of service with preachers. Please make use of our Worship Leaders.
  • Words of songs and readings are projected on screens along with videos or Powerpoint slides.
  • We normally choose songs from Songs of Fellowship, volumes 1 - 6 as well as more modern songs such as those published by Hillsong.
  • Bible readings are normally from the New International Anglicised Version.
  • We normally record the sermon at the 11am service and make it available on our website.

The 9:30am Service is normally taken by our minister.

  • Hymns are normally from Hymns and Psalms or Songs of Fellowship, volumes 1 and 2.
  • We use hymn/song books rather than projected words on the screens.
  • Bible readings are normally from the New International Angiicised Version.


Preachers and worship leaders can use either a lapel microphone or a fixed lectern microphone. We also have hand-held microphones available. There is a loop system for anyone with hearing aids.

Please note that while we have printed liturgy from the Methodist Service Book (1975) we do not have printed copies of the Methodist Worship Book (1999). Liturgy from this or any other source will need to be produced in printed form (9:30am) or in Powerpoint slides (11:00am). Please speak to the duty steward in advance for help regarding this.