Christmas Activities 2020

On-Line Carol Service 20 December 2020

Unfortunately, we will not be having a physical carol service in church.

Join us on-line for our on-line Carol Service, led by our music team.

You can access our YouTube Channel here.




Seedfield Christmas Trail 21 December 2020 10am - 3pm

Thank you if you came on our Christmas Trail.

Here are the answers:



On most of these questions there are no right or wrong answers. We have provided suggestions of things you might have written down.

Poster 1. 

a) What do you think Mary felt when the angel spoke to her? (Discuss)

b) Adults time 1 minute on a watch or timer and everyone listen. What can you hear around you? Possible answers:

Birds. People talking. Cars. Geese. Dogs. ducks                           Letter   O      

Poster 2.

b) It’s very exciting when a new baby is coming to a family. What things might you need to get ready for a baby being born? Possible answers:

 Clothes. Pram. Cot. Blankets. Food. Things to keep clean. Toys. Nappies.
                                                                                      Letter   I                                                                                                     

Poster 3. 

b) What can you see near you made from wood?  Make a list. 

Bench. Trees. Bushes. Post                                                           Letter W      

Poster 4. 

a) Name 1 place you have travelled to. How did you get there? (Walk, bus, train, car, donkey?)  

Your own ideas here.                                                                     Letter    T    

Poster 5. 

 a)What is your favourite animal? Your own ideas here

b) Write down any animals you’ve seen on the Christmas trail? Possible Answers: Dog. Geese. Ducks Gulls, 

                                                                                                        Letter     G       

Poster 6.


a) What is the most special thing you have seen in the sky?

Possible answers: Satellite. Aeroplane. Helicopter. Drone. The moon. Stars. Planet. Balloon

b) How many sheep are on the circular pattern pattern on the poster?

    There are        10     sheep. 

c) Shepherds have to be good at counting their sheep. Count how many benches you can see in the field with bee hives.

There are __7_ benches.                                                                Letter      S          

Poster 7.

a) How many ways can you think of praising God? (Discuss) Possible suggestions:

Singing, kneeling, waving, clapping, playing instruments, dancing, lifting hands, shouting, chanting, speaking. 

                                                                                                         Letter        D             

Poster 8.

a) Do you like looking at the stars? Do you know any names of stars or planets? There are some clues on the poster. (Discuss) Constellations on poster: The Plough. Cassiopeia. Canis Major. 

Other possible answers: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Pole Star, Andromeda, Sirius, Canopus, Alpha CentauriA and many more.

b)We have lots of things to help us find our way. Make a list of things we have to help us find our way. 

Map. Compass. Sat nav. Signpost. Guide book. Asking people, Guide dog,
Guide person
                                                                              Letter             H           

Poster 9.

b) Frankincense and myrrh have a strong smell. Sniff the air. Can you smell wet leaves? Traffic fumes? Rotting wood? 

Anything else? Other possible answers

What is your favourite smell?. Own answers                              Letter      U        

Poster 10.

a) Can you think of countries where people have to flee from their homes today? You might have seen them on television. Possible Answers:

Syria,  Afghanistan, Venezuela, South Sudan, Myanmar, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen.

b) Make a list of people who keep us safe. Possible answers:

Police, ambulance doctors, nurses, crossing patrol, mountain rescue,
breakdown services, parents teachers,
                                   Letter       S    

Poster 11. 


  a)What is your Name?

  b)Do you have a special name?

                                                                                                    Letter           I   

Sentence  Immanuel means:


c) How many stars did you count on your journey?

                  21     stars